Monday, September 11, 2006

More on LonelyGirl 15


Heh. Actually, I didn't really have any more to say about LonelyGirl 15, but over the last few days the mere fact that it's mentioned on my blog has more than quadrupled my daily unique hits, so I'm taking this thing to Mexico.

Spurred on by the interest, I've checked back in at the LonelyGirl sources and discovered the recent announcement that, yes, it is indeedy all a stunt. In point of fact, it's a TV show, distributed via the web, or somesuch. There seems to be a pretty big backlash from a lot of the fans now that there's been an admission it's "fake". Word to the creators of these things: you know it's fake, we know it's fake, but please DON'T ever come right out and say it - it spoils the mystique!

Anywho, it's still all a little mysterious as to who and why and where the money's coming from, but it seems pretty clear that there is actually money somewhere offstage making the Bree-puppet dance.

And dance she certainly does: check out the totally weird direction the thing's heading. Crowley-worshipping virgin-desecrating fun ahead, methinks!

UPDATE: Oh, I get it now - I'm the number one Google result for LonelyGirl 15. I don't know how that happened. Anyway, big shout out to the 60 or 70 couple of hundred people every day who are coming here looking for LonelyGirl stuff!

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