Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tokyo Game Show -Day 2

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Okay, if I thought the crowd scene yesterday was mad, I was obviously completely underprepared for today. It's a good thing that I didn't have anywhere specifically to go, because there was only one option - the same place as the crowd. You just got into the flow, and let it carry you to the shores of gaming paradise.

I met some British ex-pats who I hung out with today, so there was company at least. Plus they spoke some of the language, so that was good.

Anyway, I'll fix up this post more when I'm not battling the twin demons of hiragana and auto-complete (which Japanese Blogger seems to use at every opportunity). In short:

Paper Man - From nowheresville developer Cykan, this is a cute little FPS in which you are literally made out of paper. As in, if you turn sideways to your opponent, you can't be shot. Getting hit but not killed will leave your avatar with hole-punch style holes in its head or body. Lots of fun to play, and when I talked to the developer there was some mention that the thing was going to be free over the internet. Definitely one to watch.

Dead or Alive Extreme 2 - The only thing in the show topping the outrageous costumes of the booth babes and cosplayers. Very short on entertaining gameplay, but then, they're not selling it on the strength of the gameplay. I am able to report that the volleyball is dull and the bathing suits are skimpy.

Phoenix Wright 4 - Yes, over in Japan they're up to number 4. Much the same as the rest, really, but for DS. No plans as yet to release in the West. Objection!

I saw Hideo Kojima! Sadly he was not so close that I could ask him for permission to have his man-babies, but he was within sight, up on stage and discussion Metal Gear Solid 4 (for which there is an impressive new trailer, by the way).

Gah! This terminal is ruining my sanity. I'm going to sign off. Take care without me, DustBunnies, and I'll hopefully finish this post soon.


Julia B said...

So much gaming goodness! I'm overloaded. Don't forget to take some time out occasionally so you don't burn out :-)

I dreamt last night I went to Kisaratzu (whatever spelling - I don't care right now) and managed to purchase t-shirts and I was hailed by all as a goddess.

...that was probably prophetic, in case any of you want to start early and begin worshipping me now. Early worshipers will receive a snow-globe as well as a t-shirt.

GregT said...

Oh, I have T-shirts. Such T-shirts I have. But they're not Kiserazu themed. They're more... T-virus themed. And they're in Japanese sizes. Kind of. More details to follow when I catch up on the posting.