Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We'll Always Have Hell's Precipice

[Computer Gaming]

I finally caught up with Brinstar from Acid for Blood in Guild Wars today, and we took on the last mission of the Prophecies campaign together, Hell's Precipice. This was my second successful time through the mission, and I think her first. My last completion of it was with a pretty decent guild which I was briefly a member of. It's amazing how a level which is such a frustrating bore when tried with random groups becomes so much more fun with skilled players who you actually have some reason to know beforehand.

I still have to do the mission at least one more time, though - I forgot to fill in some of my map. 8-)


Brinstar said...

It was my first successful run through, indeed. I was continuing to hammer away at it with Henchmen, in my stubbornness, but last night I was trying to get a PUG together before I messaged you.

It was a blast! Great monking, BTW! Thanks for the fun times!

GregT said...

Any time, m'lady. I've seen some people swear blind that you can't do Hell's Precipice with henchies, but I can't really see why not. It's just a matter of calling your targets in the right order and being careful when pulling, I figure.

Anonymous said...

That last mission has been killing us for quite some time. My wife and I have been trying with random groups as well as guild members that have made it through. I think we are on attempt 20 or so and going to try again soon. Any new advice would sure be helpful. We are AK Dominate and Pagan Worship on GW.

Greg Tannahill said...

Okay, well, it's been ages since I last played Guild Wars and I can't remember Hell's Precipice for the life of me. So unfortunately I don't have good advice for you, other than basic stuff like learning to pull effectively, which is a skill that's bread-and-gravy for World of Warcraft but that for some reason Guild Wars never really teaches you.

Aaron said...

I finished this with henchies/hero only .Always kill the sparks first. Kill the big titans next and their little counterparts-do not rush to the next big titan before you kill the little fist of titans.If using heroes, set them on guard so they don't charge ahead.Use frigid armor(you can't be set on fire) along with conjure frost and an "icy" weapon(good dmg bonus).My healer had extinguish and dismiss conditions.Check wiki about those skills I mentioned.If you get them you will trash this level. especially with frigid armor. Take a bow to pull groups. flag henchies far away and let those titans chase you until there is only small groups to fight.