Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Off To Japan

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Well, this is my last post from Canberra for a while. I'm frantically finishing my packing for my trip to Japan and the Tokyo Game Show, followed by Perth and Fandomedia. I was going to film and post a funny video showing my packing process, but I've turned out to not have the time, and besides, my mobile phone is sorely lacking as a camera. (It films in some crazy format that my computer can barely even interpret, let alone edit.)

For those in Canberra, the house is being looked after by Mary while I'm away. I'm not contactable in Japan except (maybe) by email or through this blog, as the phone system over there was designed in crazytown by Captain Crazy. I'm in Perth from about noon on 27 September and my phone will be working again once I get there.

Hopefully I'll be able to update The Dust Forms Words while I'm over there. In fact, I'd be a little surprised if I can't - the only challenge really is finding a public terminal keyboard with a Roman Qwerty layout, which shouldn't be too hard. If I'm successful, there'll be TGS goodness galore for your edification.

Take care, and if all goes well my next post will be from the Land of the Rising Sun.


Chris said...

Have fun in Tokyo! Wish I was doing TGS this year... And wish they still had a TGS in the Spring during the Sakura festival, but alas...


moonbug said...

Have fun, fly safe, take heaps of photos and have lots of cool stories to tell us when you return.

Brinstar said...

Have fun!

GregT said...

Thanks everyone!