Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Last Day In Tokyo

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I'm checking out of the Crowne Plaza this morning. Then I wander the streets until this evening, when I board my plane for Perth. The flight continues overnight, and I get into Perth International Airport at 5.55 am Thursday morning. I don't need a lift, but if anyone could volunteer a place to hang out and maybe catch some shut-eye until my rooms at the Emerald become available in the afternoon that'd be fantastic.

EDIT: Such offers would have to be made via a call placed to my mobile phone, I've just realised, as this is going to be my last net access until tomorrow afternoon. The mobile phone won't be turned on until about 6.30 am Thursday, either, so you'd either have to negotiate my message bank or time your call well. It all seems like a lot of hassle, really.

By the way, I've got a stack of game post-mortems to do as long as my arm, which I'll get to once my holiday's over. I have some snarky things to say about both the quantity and quality of Metroid Pinball, a few thoughts about Ossu! Tatake! Ouendan!, a complete rundown of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrows, and some bits and pieces relating to the PSP games Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Metal Gear Acid 2. Plus I was almost finished Disgaea back home before this whole trip began, so I assume there'll be blogging about that once it's done.


That guy said...

I have but two questions. Well three really.

Did you get your hands on any Cat's Eye merchendice?

About when do you get back to Canberra?

Did Japan rock on many indiscribable levels?

Jey said...

Greg arrives back in the Can on Monday (Oct 1) night.

Phrancq said...

That guy!
While Greg's been gone, I have aquired the soundtrack for the movie and Ben in a stroke of genius is getting the Kisarazu City Council to send him Yassai Mossai.

Jey said...