Wednesday, September 06, 2006

BMT: Lady In The Water


This week's Bad Movie Thursday is Lady In The Water, an urban fairytale from M Knight Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village). It's apparently not actually a horror movie, despite the spooky trailers, and it's also apparently not very good, which makes it ideal as a Bad Movie Thursday. You know you'll want to have seen it when everyone else you know is complaining about it, so come Thursday and make a social outing of it.

When: Thursday 7 September, 6.30 pm (be there at 6.15)
Where: Hoyts Belconnen, Canberra
Cost: $11 adult, less for students (but I don't know how much less)

Feel free to ring me for further details.

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